Meet Me in the middle

Artist Statement

The multi-disciplinary art practice of artist Kyle Tonkens is motivated by an interest in exploring and creating a visual discourse on the ideas of the interconnectedness between all things, themes of gratitude, and the rituals surrounding gift-giving. Inspired by such thinkers as Joseph Campbell and Martin Heidegger, and the artworks of many renowned artists, including Mark Rothko and Keith Haring, Tonkens uses the abstract language of colour and form to communicate these ideas with his audience.

Artist Bio

Kyle Tonkens is a Canadian artist currently living and working in Hamilton, Ontario. In addition to studying Art and Art History at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and The University of Toronto [Mississauga], Tonkens holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Western Ontario. His work has been exhibited widely as part of group and solo exhibitions. Recent highlights include a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Burlington’s RBC Community Gallery (summer 2015), and as part of Full Spectrum, a group show at the Living Arts Center, Mississauga, (2016).

Sanjay B Patel 

Artist Statement

Sanjay believes abstract art should be relatable and loves producing commissioned art for clients to create original work that is representative of who they are, while still capturing the essence of his unique style. He is happiest when his clients can relate to the work and find meaning on a deeply personal level. Sanjay’s inspiration comes from the people he meets, the environment he finds himself in, the energy of the crowds around him, serene landscapes and busy cityscapes.

Artist Bio

Sanjay Patel is a Canadian abstract fine artist living in Hamilton.  Sanjay has studied Art at McMaster and Sheridan College as well as Business and Marketing at Georgian College.  One of the most active areas of Sanjay’s career is his Live Painting appearances. Sanjay has produced live art for almost 100 festivals, grand openings, corporate events and private parties. A natural connector who loves people, Sanjay’s work is inspired by those around him, which works well for live painting and delights the people who enjoy watching him work.




@ 11:00pm - 2:00am

Mulberry After Dark with HARTRY

Join us after dark for this Art Crawl afterparty with local indie/electronic/future bass, singer/songwriter and producer; Hartry. Her music is soulful, upbeat, ethereal and sure to have you dancing. She'll be performing from 11pm until last call in the deFacto Gallery at Mulberry. Check out her music at:



@ 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Mulberry Untapped: Collective Arts presents Eric Brandon

Join us for the first (of many) collaboration event between Collective Arts Brewing and Mulberry Coffeehouse to showcase Hamilton's finest musicians and craft beer! Taking place on our patio, come enjoy the sounds of Hamilton's own Eric Brandon. Described as "Soft and hoarse, Brandon’s voice is all modern folk with the faintest wisps of Dan Mangan". His latest album, Old Love, is a "blend of folk, country and blues—he moves from an aching twang to a Mumford and Sons-esque cry, always carrying that gut-wrenching dream fuelled by an impossible loneliness". - Eleni Armenakis, Grayowl Point. Find his music at: Did we mention that there will be FREE BEER SAMPLING from Collective Arts throughout the day?! Try an old favourite or something new, Collective Arts will have something special for you this summer.



“Objects from our everyday spaces relate more to us that we may acknowledge. They collect memories and traces from our past that may be easily overlooked. It may not be an integral part of a person’s history but it is composed of moments that make up a lifetime. Transforming these objects into aesthetic artworks alters their original function however the history remains. The object is no longer just an object. It is a memorial of the past. My current work is a combination of pieces that transform the perception of unwanted objects. Living in a continuous construction zone has forced me to spend time within someone else’s life while creating a new space of my own.

My sculptures and prints are collections of found unwanted materials contrasted against alternative representations of the objects themselves. The materials and subject matters vary from furniture to structural elements of the home. While many of the objects that I use are not a part of my immediate past, there is an urge to archive items that are in the process of decay. All the works are transformed through material and composition creating a monument from a pile of junk. Common materials are the found objects themselves, concrete, metal along with processes of destruction just as dust and ash. To me they become subtle, yet beautiful elements in the space quietly drawing attention as they stand in their own right, speaking for themselves.My prints are similar in aesthetic nature as the sculptural work; however they are represented as obvious artworks. They are displayed in typical manner on the wall with questioning imagery. Investigations into stains and traces of the human presence have been a common subject matter. I layer the images overtop one another either in digital form or physically with a variety of transparent papers.”

Born in Barrie, Ontario in 1989, Olga Klosowski is a graduate from Art and Art History at University of Toronto, Mississauga. She specialized in Drawing and Printmaking, with recent explorations in Sculpture. The imagery of her work focuses on objects and places of abandonment. Her depictions of the objects represent destruction with a hint of hope by not letting them be forgotten. She has exhibited her work in the Blackwood Gallery, Living Arts Gallery, and has an upcoming show at the Art Gallery of Mississauga.


Heidi Artisan Schell is a Designer Maker from Ontario, currently living in Toronto. She has a range of talents across the artistic board focusing mainly in the material of hot glass (glass blowing). Heidi has always had a love for fibre and material culture; this theme is represented through her conceptual glasswork and printed art pieces. She spent 5 years obtaining her BFA between two schools, Sheridan College and the Alberta College of Art and Design. In this series of Collagraph Prints, Heidi demonstrates her creative process. She has carefully selected specific fabrics to work with and was able to capture the texture and tangible qualities of the material. The depth shown in each print truly demonstrates her unique process of printmaking.


Call for Submissions

DeFacto Gallery

2016 - 2017

Exhibition Season (September, 1 - August, 31)

Mulberry Coffeehouse

193 James Street North

Hamilton, ON L5B 4B8


Mulberry Coffeehouse invites artists to submit works for consideration for the 2016 - 2017

Exhibition Season.

The DeFacto Gallery is an ever changing facet of Mulberry Coffeehouse. Since the coffeehouse opened we have been supporting our local Hamilton artists as a place to exhibit, and sell their works. Art exhibits change monthly following the Art crawl schedule of the second Friday of every month. Artists working in all media are encouraged to submit works for consideration. Traditional and non-traditional media will be considered. Selected Artists will be given a 1 month/ 4 week exhibition slot.


•artist statement (max. 100 words)

•current CV

•10 images of current work, including a word document listing title, medium, size, date, sale value and artist’s name for each submission

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday, August 1, 2016

Email submissions to:

Notification of Acceptance:

Artists will be notified by phone or email on/by Monday, August 15, 2016 if their submission has been accepted for an exhibition. Only those accepted will be notified. Accepted artists will receive details pertaining to the exhibition including dates, delivery of artwork, insurance and art crawl details.