Supercrawl Featured Artist: Olivia Brouwer – THE BLIND WILL SEE


Being permanently blind in one eye from a young age has been difficult to communicate feelings of incompletion and limitation. The process of oil painting not only requires control in maneuvering paint with a brush, but also the willingness to release emotions through gestures and aggressive mark making. I have been working on a series of “unfinished” paintings as a way of sharing the experience of vision loss.

Drawing inspiration from the Rorschach Inkblot test, this concept communicates the connection between sight and perception. The Inkblot series demonstrates that the viewer is blind to the representation of the reference but perception of the abstraction determines the meaning and experience.


Olivia Brouwer is an emerging artist living and working in Hamilton, Ontario. She recently graduated from the Art and Art History joint program at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College Institute of Technology where she specialized in painting and printmaking. Come September, Olivia will be enrolled in the Advanced Project and Landmark 2017 courses at Sheridan College for an additional fifth year to develop her painting practice. Her recent exhibitions include the Blackwood Gallery, Red Door Gallery, and Magnotta Winery.


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Mulberry is open regular hours this Labour Day Weekend!


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Destiny Grimm “Take my advice, don’t listen to me”

Join us in the deFacto Gallery at Mulberry for the opening of this exhibit, Friday, August 12th during Art Crawl.

Artist Statement

"In this series I am using oil paint in excess to explore its breadth and celebrate its nuances. Colors interact with one another and create relationships. Pigment is used as a sculptural tool; protruding from the surface, employing variations in light and shadow. I strive to use the medium in a way that allows for accidental forms and shapes.

The viewer is invited to stand close to the object, and take in its many facets. Color arrangement allows forms to perch between abstract and recognizable. These objects strive to capture an impression, which is opened for interpretation."

Destiny Grimm Is a Canadian Artist and maker based in Toronto Ontario, Destiny received her Bachelors in fine arts from OCAD University in 2015. 




@ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Ethan Paxton Live at Mulberry

Come enjoy another evening of free music at Mulberry by Hamilton's emerging blues-rock artist, Ethan Paxton. His five piece band will be playing originals from his upcoming release "Beneath the Rubble" as well as a sprinkling of covers.



@ 2:00pm - 7:00pm

The Vaudevillian – Mulberry Untapped by Collective Arts Brewing

Mulberry Coffeehouse and Collective Arts Brewing have teamed up to showcase Hamilton's finest musicians! Join us on the Mulberry Street Coffeehouse Patio: About The Vaudevillan: The Vaudevillian consists of the very devil, Jitterbug James, the saucy Norah Spaces and the good ol' Southener, Piedmont Johnson. Together they bring you the rusty ol' tunes from the 1920's and get you off your caboose doing the skoodle um skoo!